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Since 2013, Innocentia gives all brides unique and elegant wedding dresses, turning dream into reality for each bride. All the sewing is carried out in accordance with modern technological requirements in the field of garment production: the cup on the bodice, 3.5 stitches per 1 cm of line, edge processing, inter-operation ironing, etc. Every nuance is very important to us, so we spend a huge amount of time working by hand fixing any elements of the dress, such as lace, stones and pearls, only with the help of thread. Our company employs only highly qualified specialists and designers. They work tirelessly, developing new collections with the latest fashion trends in mind. Our designer dresses are at low prices without compromising on flawless appearance, high-quality materials and accessories. We create dresses of all trends and styles: classic, hand-embroidered dresses, extravagant dresses, etc. We can also design a new collection within the shortest possible time, ensuring exclusive supply under your own trademark. Write to us